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  • O'Clock about 1 month ago

    Hi Daniel.
    1. Not ready to answer now
    2. Buzzer plays some music so I don't know what you can see with LED
    3. It's not a problem to disable photoresistor
    4. It's possible, but I don't have them and cann't check

  • O'Clock 6 months ago

    I make some fixes in code and some tips in docs.

    The main tip is:
    If you have digital noise in buzzer especially on high bright level you need to add electrolytic capacitor about 470 mkF and ceramic 0,1 mkF at the power line.

  • O'Clock 8 months ago

    Hi Alex,
    lets me to congratulate you.

  • O'Clock 9 months ago

    Hi Alex. It's fine that you have solved some hards.
    But I don't understand what kind of problem you have with buzzer. Please describe it with more details, step by step.

  • O'Clock 9 months ago

    Ok I see you have not last source version.
    It must be
    39://O'Clock version 04.06.2019
    40:#define VERSION "1.0"

    So please download sources from GitHub one more and replace your code. Dont forget to put correct BME280 address.

  • O'Clock 9 months ago

    Hi. As I understand you can see now temperature by pressing key "Mode".
    Lets check you sources. Please print here lines 39 and 40 from clock.h file.

  • O'Clock 9 months ago

    Hi Alex,
    Lets try to solve problem with temperature first.
    The possible problem is incorrect address of BME280.
    In my project I use China module.

    // BME 280 module (optional)
    // BME280 Address fixed in library Adafruit_BME280.h
    // original Address is 0x77, China module Address is 0x76.
    // Don't forgot to set next define with correct Address !!!
    #define MY_BME280_ADDRESS (0x76)

    If you use original module try to change address with 0x77!!!

    #define MY_BME280_ADDRESS (0x77)

    If you activate terminal you can see is you modile found or not.

    Serial.println(F("BME280 sensor not found"));
    Serial.println(F("BME280 sensor Ok"));

  • Function Serial: Print in Only One Line 9 months ago

    If you compare program size with 3 line (classic output) and 1 line (with String class converting) you will be wonder. Your code add about 900 bytes.

  • O'Clock 9 months ago

    Hi. What kind of buzzer do you have?
    It needs passive piezo buzzer as for PC.
    Do you listen short beep when key pressed.
    Can you make photo with alarm setups.
    Did you download last sources?

  • O'Clock 9 months ago

    Fix cursor blink time calculating.

  • O'Clock 9 months ago

    I fix small bug with alarm day calculator.
    Add automatic temperature and date showing.

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