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ATtiny13/13a/25/45/85 Programming Shield

Project tutorial by Viktor S

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Portable Range Detectior

Project tutorial by Viktor S

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Pixel Art on OLED Display

Project tutorial by µsini (Rémi Sarrailh) and labsud

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  • Portable Range Detectior over 3 years ago

    Don't feel the need to defend your right before anyone challenged you; your purpose is solely for you. As far as I've seen, this site is for project guidance, and that's all I'll put my 2 cents into. The sensors I've dealt with have a fairly short range; in fact, this one happened to have the greatest range of about 400mm. Radar or lidar travel much further, but that would be far more expensive, and you'd benefit more from purchasing a full unit.

  • Portable Range Detectior over 3 years ago

    The components should remain consistent, other than the sensor of course. The code, however, will change. I utilize a library so I can call on pre-made functions for extracting data. Depending on the sensor you get, you will need to modify how you read the values. I'm unsure of what sensor can read such far distances, but I'm curious to know what you have in mind.

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