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Monitoring Industries Using IoT

Project tutorial by vimarsh

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RGB Lighting Reactive to Music and WiFi Controlled

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  • Monitoring Industries Using IoT 9 days ago

    Ya Sure!
    Blynk has the availability to use twitter also.!

  • Monitoring Industries Using IoT 12 days ago

    There won't be any such huge fire to burn down the whole industry. For protection over voltage and current protection can be also added.
    Thanks for suggesting this will improve in next prototype.

  • Monitoring Industries Using IoT 16 days ago

    Thanks for the suggestion...
    I had planned to use it but it's not available in India at proper price and still it's costs more than two bmp280s and Dht 11s...
    And the sensors I have used are still not precise enough for industries. So they would have to be replaced with industry grade sensors(which are costly for prototype)..

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