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Birthday Reminder that Runs for 50 Years

Project tutorial by Vishnu M Aiea

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Project tutorial by EdOliver and Victor Altamirano

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Open Source Pulse Oximeter for COVID-19

Project tutorial by Arduino “having11” Guy

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Getting Started with arduino-cli

by Amal Shajan

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  • Birthday Reminder that Runs for 50 Years almost 2 years ago

    Thanks. Adding a monochrome LCD is won't be difficult. LCD controllers have sleep modes and you can enable it to save power while system is sleeping. But adding your voice can be troublesome unless you do not plan to run the device on a coin cell. If you're not using coin cell, then you can add any voice module or MP3 playback module to add your voice. That can be easily done. Give it a try and let us know about it.. :)

  • Birthday Reminder that Runs for 50 Years over 2 years ago

    That's possible and I had given it a thought before. I was thinking of driving an opto-isolator in the event and use it to drive a higher load such as an electric bell. All you need to make sure is that there'll be power (for example AC) available for the end-effector such as belll, in the event of alarm triggering and wake up.

  • Birthday Reminder that Runs for 50 Years over 2 years ago

    It can be done. But there are some limitations. One, the Lithium cell can't provide sufficient current for high current loads such as motors. If we use up more current from the cell, it'll reduce the span of operation. If you can keep the current below the max discharge rate of the cell, then you can do anything at the expense operation time. For example a monochrome LCD can be easily attached with LED backlight probably.

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