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Piattuino Plate Robot

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  • Piattuino Plate Robot almost 3 years ago

    Hi Fred
    Sorry for beeing so late with my answers:

    1) and
    2) I went to a thrift shop, there I found diffrent plates and with my DaTuner App on the smartfone I was able to found out the exact tone of the plate in the chromatic scale. I tuned the plate with an angular grinder by reducing the diameter of the plate, this moves it to a higher tone (to a lower tone is not possible).

    3) I did many tests for finding out the right solenoid, the distance to plate, the length of the solenoid impulse, etc..

    4) I used a rubber pulse damper for fixing the plates. To reduce the swinging amplitude I put e small PVC tube arround the damper.

    5) I used MIDI songs from the interner, e.g. from

    6) At the moment I can select two channels from the MIDI File to play on the piattuino

    7) Of course a e.g. two line character display would be more comfortable, but to keep it simple, I selected this display

    Many Greetings

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