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TGS4161 CO2 Research

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  • TGS4161 CO2 Research over 4 years ago

    unfortunately i closed the data collection a long time ago.
    Anyway- there were too many factors that came into play, so just releasing the plain data set without the detailed test conditions would not be of use.
    Also now, year and a half later, there are NDIR CO2 sensors for the same price like this one elecrochemical i used, so it is not worth it any more.
    The only sense of not using them if somebody would like to use an MQ 135 sensor which costs a couple of $, but the accuracy is very bad

  • TGS4161 CO2 Research about 5 years ago

    About an year later after i started working with the sensor i can say that it is quite accurate. It has some quirks - that is - best works if it is turn on constantly, and stay away from direct sunlight or heaters. But apart from it it gives stable results.
    Yet it is a bit hard to drive it as you need a microcontroller, a specific opamp, thermistor to do some temperature compensation. So it makes sense to go in this direction if you have lots of time or want to do mass production.
    Meanwhile there are also cheaper NDIR sensors available. Some of them are easy to get (e.g. the MH-Z19 from Aliexpress. But at least I (and others) did not get consistent results with it. But there are also people that had success with it. And at <25 eur it is bargain
    But I am using another one that i source from a company in china, and since i buy in bigger quantities i do resell single units or small quantities to interested people. This is the link to my shop where i sell it for 35 eur.
    Have in mind that the consumption is around 60 mah (Also for TGS 4161) which means - it should not be too close to your temperature sensor. I also have a device specially for Home Automation and monitoring, that skips all the fancy stuff and packs only the NDIR sensor and a Wifi module:

    If you want to go cheaper - then you can use some of the Air Quality Sensors out there. The cheapest ones like the MQ135 costs something like 2-3 eur. I cannot tell about precision though. And it consumes 200 mah. It does not measure CO2, but rather various air contaminants.

    There is a newer an better (and more expensive alternative) - the TGS8100 -
    Last week i ordered 100 units and plan to make a break out for it (and an end user device) that would be around 20 eur, but this is work in progress.

  • TGS4161 CO2 Research almost 6 years ago

    Currently the code is in a really bad shape, but i plan to start working on it next week, and once i have something good, I will share it. Currently i am fighting with designing the 3d model of the enclosure :)

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