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Chiming, Scrolling LED Matrix Clock

Project tutorial by goveil1

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How To Make An Mini IOT Weather Station

Project tutorial by Austin Detzel

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  • Fun Cases For Electronic Components over 2 years ago

    Lovely. Designing an attractive case for a project can be as much of a challenge as the project itself. Nice work.

  • Personal Weather Station over 2 years ago

    Very nice work. One of my first projects was similar to this.

  • How To Make An Mini IOT Weather Station over 2 years ago

    Great project. Regarding the box you found at Staples I have also found them at wal-mart and in various color and sizes. They are great project boxes and are very affordable compared to the usual project box. I highly recommend them. I have put a couple of different digital clock projects into them. In one I needed a round hole in the lid for a PIR (passive infrared sensor) and used a drill bit designed for drilling in wood, I think they are called paddle bits and it did a perfect job of making a clean round hole in the lid. Keep up the good work.

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