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  • Arduino Oscilloscope over 1 year ago

    Sorry about the late reply. The schematics for the switches? Do you mean How to toggle the different settings. In that case you can toggle the settings for now, just in the code. However, there are comments in the code explaining how you can attach an external switch (tactile) to toggle through the time division setting. Hope you can use that as a starting point to attach switch functions further

    Hmmm!, I haven't updated the repository on my github for a long time.

  • Arduino Oscilloscope over 2 years ago

    Indeed, timing the processor is a challenge. The priority is given to reading analog signal and processing it. The inputs are handled after that using interrupts.

  • Arduino Oscilloscope over 2 years ago

    You can find the library in the GitHub repository. It is linked in the project

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