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3D Printed Robot Inventor Kit for Arduino #YouMakeRobots

3D Printed Robot Inventor Kit for Arduino #YouMakeRobots © CC BY-NC-SA

Design & build your own robots!

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3D Printer (generic)

About this project

Invent & build your own robots with #YouMakeRobots!

YouMakeRobots is a set of 3D printed parts, electronics and software that work together to provide a fun, accessible and affordable robot building experience.

Very similar to Lego bricks, the modular construction allows you to assemble simple components together to build a wide variety of robots.

It is easy to get started. For less than $100, you get all the electronics, no soldering required. The 3d printed parts are easy to print and print without support. The supplied code allows you to interactively control the robot from the command line.

YouMakeRobots is open source and free. With YouMakeRobots, your imagination is the limit. Design & build your own robots! See some examples below.

Walking biped droid: 8 servo motors + Arduino MEGA

How I Designed This

The project started because I wanted to design & build my own robots using my 3d printer.

I have 2 children and I want to introduce them to Robotics & Programming while having fun...

While there are some cool 3D printed robots on Thingiverse, I was looking for something more creative, similar to Lego bricks. Something modular and expandable... A minimal set of 3D printed parts that I could put together in different ways to build the robot of my dreams! A kit that would allow me to build almost any robots from the simplest to the most complex : robotic arm, bipedal robot, quadruped robot, robot dog, spider robot, humanoid robot etc. You name it, you build it!

I started to search the Internet and found some commercial & professional robot kits. Exactly what I was looking for but out of reach in terms of budget. As I couldn't find what I was looking for, I decided to create it! YouMakeRobots was born.

YouMakeRobots is inspired by some commercially available robot kits (Kondo KHR-3HV, Robotis Bioloid and XYZrobot Bolide in particular). With YouMakeRobots, I wanted to create an affordable 3D printed DIY robotics kit, using low cost and widely available hobby servo motors & electronics (Arduino / Raspberry Pi).

While YouMakeRobots looks like off-the-shelf robotic kits, it's a complete overhaul. I designed all the parts to be compatible with 3D printing & standard servo motors/electronics. This is not an easy task due to constraints and tolerances of 3d printing!

All parts have been designed in Fusion 360 to be easily printable with an entry-level 3d printer (Creality Ender 3). After countless iterations, I am pretty happy with the result: for under $100 YouMakeRobots provides an entry level robotics kit that allows people to design & build their own robots!

The possibilities are endless because you can print as many parts as you want. The Arduino MEGA supports up to 48 servo motors!

Of course due to the use of low cost servos / electronics, the performance and quality is lower than what you would get with a high end robotics kit. But my goal is to reach a wider audience (kids, schools, hobbyists etc.) and get more people interested in Technology & Robotics!

Join #YouMakeRobots today!


YouMakeRobots Source Code on github

Custom parts and enclosures

YouMakeRobots 3D printed parts


Megasensorshieldv1 zkvakbp6n9


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